Countless number of people have tried fat loss programs where they are spending 60 minutes on a cardio machine at their local gym and expecting the pounds to just start falling off. What seems to happen to many is that the pounds don't come off, they are tired of doing the same old thing for so long day in and day out, and probably even some joint pain in the knees, ankles, hips or lower back from all the long cardio workouts.

The truth is as you get older your metabolism slows down and that is just a fact of life. Slower metabolism means less calorie burn. So the question becomes how to increase your metabolism? The answer is exercise! But not the exercise you think of when you're looking for fat loss. I'm talking about weights and using your muscles and spiking your heart rate. The next time you're in the gym and are about to hop on a cardio machine try this short workout instead of that 60 minute run you were about to do...

  1. Warm up with 2-3 minutes of a steady pace
  2. for 10-15 minutes do 30 seconds really hard/fast! then 30 seconds really easy/slow every minute

This would be considered HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training. Its purpose is to spike your heart rate and use short 100% effort bouts to stress your body repeatedly. If done correctly and with enough intensity this short 17 minutes of exercise can burn more calories than that hour of running you were about to do. The reason is because your body has just been stressed at high intensities and in order to repair or return to 100% it consumes or BURNS MORE CALORIES EVEN AFTER YOU'RE DONE EXERCISING. Like magic. 

To increase this effect add weights to the equation. Pick 2 or 3 large exercises that target different areas of your body and multiple muscles. Now do each of those exercises at a steady state for 30 seconds each without resting until you have completed one set of all of them, take a short 30-60 second rest a repeat. Or you can do it just like the cardio above. Example

  1. Squat -- 30sec
    1. rest 30
  2. push up -- 30 seconds
    1. rest 30
  3. lunge -- 30 seconds
    1. rest 30
  4. repeat X3-4 times

This will keep your heart rate up and at the same time build muscle to boost your metabolism. Give it a shot and see what you've been missing!