If you're like most people you wish there was just more time in every day for a little you time. Planning what you are doing throughout the day especially during free time can be a simple way to be the most productive version of yourself. The more you do and the more active you are the better you actually feel. The more you sit around the more lazy you feel. Next time you feel like sitting down to watch and hour of tv try getting up and doing something around the house, go for a walk, try the DIY project you just saw. When it comes to exercise try to plan for a specific time, then when that time comes don't think about it, just do it. It doesn't have to be long. Pick 2 or 3 exercises for example, push ups, squats and lunges. Do 25 or 50 of each a few at a time and that is all it takes. You'll feel accomplished and energized afterwords I guarantee it!