Relentless Strength and Conditioning offers a wide variety of programs that cater to your specific goals.

Listed below are the program options that are available.


Professional, College and College Bound Athletes

This program is for serious high level athletes looking to maximize their personal performance. Athletes train in groups 2 - 5 athletes in the same sport and are put on an individualized program based on initial assessments and sport played.   


$150/month unlimited classes

High School performance Classes

Age: 12 - 17

These sessions focus on resistance training, building explosive power, footwork, core stability and other exercises that will not only create a stronger, more conditioned athlete, but more importantly assist in preventing injuries. Sessions typically last 90 minutes and follow a basic format of: 15 min Warm Up, 25 minutes of Strength Training, 25 min of Assistance Work, and 15 minutes of Conditioning.

$100/month unlimited classes - $75/month 1x a week

Adult Functional Strength and Conditioning Program

This program is designed to get you Moving Better, Training Stronger, and Living YOUR Best Life.

Classes will be held 7 Days a week.

Classes Start January 2nd

Schedule: M – 630pm – T- 600am – W – 530p – Th – 600am – 630 pm – Sat 930am – Sun 830am

We will be offering introductory monthly membership options and 10 class punch passes. YOU WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN AT THIS RATE FOR LIFE WHEN YOU SIGN UP.

1 Month - $50 - 3 Months - $125 - 10 Classes - $100

Space is limited to the first 25 members. Reserve your spot ASAP.

You can expect nutrition and lifestyle information each class to help you live your best life!

Class Structure: Movement Prep - Strength and Accessory Work - Various Forms of Conditioning - Core and Stability Work

Trying out a class is just a  CLICK away

Private Training

For ATHLETES and ADULTS who want a truly individual and personalized program to meet specific needs and goals. Private training is scheduled and priced individually. Contact us for more information. 


Nutrition is The Foundation of Fitness. All programs will include some basic nutrition info but for a small upgrade we will do a full nutrition analysis.  We will help you identify what style of diet is right for you, teach you how to plan and prep your food to maximize your gains, and provide sample meal plans. You will be expected to log what you eat on a daily basis so we can see what adjustments we need to make.

PRICE - $60/month


Team Training

RSC offers training packages for your entire team. This is a great way to prepare for your season, maintain strength and conditioning in season and get your athletes together in a fun atmosphere off the field.  Programs can be customized based on the coaches goals and number of sessions. Pricing is as low as $6/per athlete a session and based on the number of sessions bought.  

Middle School Performance Class

Age: 8 - 11

We have something for everybody here at Relentless S&C, even the youngsters! This is an entry level program that will help build a strong foundation in athletic movement and weight training. It follows a similar format as the Athlete Performance Program, but modified to be more appropriate for their age; strength training with an emphasis on body-weight movements and kettlebell exercises. Kids will learn the basics of functional weight training, proper form, discipline and at the same time, have fun doing it.



Remote Coaching

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome packet full of nutritional information and have an initial meeting in person or another more convenient way.  We will talk about your lifestyle, experience in fitness and determine what we need to focus on.

We will then send you your first week of programming.  Programs are sent out on Fridays for the week coming up.  We give you the weekend to look it over so you can ask questions. We recommend this.

Each client is recommended to keep in contact with their personal coach regarding any confusion, questions or advice along the way. we work toward your individual goals together and that takes communication.

PRICE - 100$/month

Nutrition upgrade - $60/month


Want to get a better understanding of how we approach setting goals? Check out our blog post

"Goal Setter, It's a Game Changer".

For more information - including a free sample workout - or to get started immediately, contact us today.